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Constance Smith

Connie Smith, Ed.D., LPCMH, NCC

Connie is a mental health therapist who, with empathy, assesses and treats anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and life challenges. She offers guidance to assist in defining goals, plan action and gain insight. Dr. Smith is licensed in Delaware and holds National Certified Counselors (NCC) certification. She has provided counseling services for more than 30 years.


Duane Smith

Duane Smith, M.Ed

Duane, a seasoned life coach, empowers clients to navigate personal and career challenges. Leveraging his rich background in communication from his service in the US Navy, expertise acquired in Washington DC on diverse Tech Projects, and roles as an instructor at prominent institutions like the USDA Graduate School, Catonsville Community College, and Delaware Technical Community College, Mr. Smith offers a unique blend of introspection, connection, and ambition. He guides clients in identifying goals, discovering resources for growth, and taking the necessary steps to achieve their aspirations.

In addition to his current role, Duane brings extensive experience in education, having dedicated the past six years to teaching students with special needs from kindergarten to 12th grade. Furthermore, he played a pioneering role in the late 1990s by developing and implementing one of the first online Individualized Education Program (IEP) writing systems.

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Book 1 - So, You're Graduating From High School - Now What?

Book 2 - So, You're Graduating From College - Now What?

Book 3 - So, You're Leaving the Military - Now What?

Book 4 - So, You're Ready to Retire - Now What?

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